* Gaming for kids

Check out my new category, Gaming for Kids.  As a special ed teacher and aunt to many younger kiddos, I am exposed to a wide range of computer and tablet games.  I’ve seen advantages and downsides to these activities.  There’s a growing body of educational neuroscience which can help parents and teachers evaluate whether a game is potentially helpful or harmful.  Remember that all kids are unique and what is benign for one may be toxic for another.  As an adult, I can easily waste time on games.  In fact, I can become addicted to those jewel matching games and have had to delete the lot of them.

I am now posting videos, article, and other media to Pixelpuf, a free gaming site.  Our son is working on this website, so there’s some nepotism involved!  It’s also interesting to see his evolution in the world of gaming.  As a youngster, he became addicted to Sega games and my dearest teaching widower and I had to banish the entire outfit.  He immediately switched to a variety of complex card games, like Babylon 5.  As an adult, he plays games with friends and continues his interest in complex analysis of game stuff.  If you can make sense of the article he’s posted, I greatly admire you!

posting on Pixelpuf.JPG

Here’s a screenshot of my collection to date.  If you want to view my stuff, set option to “recent by date.”  Otherwise, I’m kinda lost in there….

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