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I am exploring Qzzr as a potential tool for educators.  Qzzr touts itself as a quiz creator that can make big bucks, but we know that teachers aren’t in it for the money, right?  My dearest widower calls the start of every school year “The Great Everson Giveaway!”  Now that I am sorta retired, my giveaways are on a year-round schedule.  Don’t remind him….

Back to Qzzr.  It’s free (and easy) to join and for what I want, I don’t need to upgrade my account.  I can make unlimited quizzes and get aggregate data for free.  I decided to create a quiz for bloggers and hope to test it on all of you this weekend.  In the meantime, I will say that even a techno-klutz could make a decent quiz on Qzzr.  Yeah, I accidentally deleted something and am waiting for a bit of tech help, but I am well into the process.

What kind of quiz would I create for students?   A learning profile would be a snap.  Qzzr also has the potential to help kiddos with social skills, such as surveying students’ understanding of how to talk to others, make and keep friends, and do well in school.  Qzzr helps the artistically challenged (like me), providing sufficient support, media, and tips so I look smarter than a fifth grader.

How does Qzzr work?  Take ten seconds to register, watch an intro video, and follow the steps.  You create outcomes, questions, determine answer choices and weight, and you’re off to the races!  Qzzr provides online support through a learning center and as I noted, will respond to desperate email requests for assistance.

Be sure to check back for my first quiz.  And it won’t cost you a penny!



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