* Cee’s compose yourself, week 22

This week, Cee has some tips for intentionally guiding the viewer’s eyes to your point of interest.  I was more annoyed than interested as I drove behind a dump truck spewing smoke.  Of course, the dump truck had no identifying features, not even a license plate. We were moving slowly so I grabbed my phone and took the picture below.  Too bad there was a car in between me and the truck, but you get the idea.

Dump truck 2.JPG


Cee comments that our eyes are drawn to light, and what’s the first thing I notice in the picture above?  The yellow lines on the road.  I cropped the photo to remove the hood of my car, as well as that bright area to the left.

dump truck 1.JPG

Now you see why I was so annoyed with the dump truck!  Isn’t Cee clever???  Yeah, it’s still a pitiful picture, but now my intent is clear.  I hope.

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