* Memorial Day

Thanks, Cee, for your Share Your World challenge, with a focus on Memorial Day

My strongest association with today’s holiday is James Bernard Williams, Jr. who was killed on May 29, 1969, only 3 months into his tour of duty in Vietnam.  James was a sweet young man, a football player at a local high school.  We shared a study hall and often chatted surreptitiously instead of working.  My last memory of him, apart from his funeral, was our dancing together at a high school senior prom.  We were already roundly ostracized because of our interracial friendship, but slow dancing?  James was a bit nervous; many of the students immediately boycotted the floor.  James whispered that this was just not done in Albany, Georgia.  I’d already had many slashed tires, a bomb through my car window, and other threats.  I laughed.  I thought we were invincible.  Vietnam showed me otherwise.


From the Virtual Wall memorial

4 thoughts on “* Memorial Day

  1. Katharine Everson loved reading this blog post. In so many ways it evoked both tears of joy and sadness. But, most of all it is simply testimony to the beautiful being that you are filled with compassion and intellect. And, I both cherish and applaud the woman that are who stands unconflicted in your strength to live by a code of humanity and love. Thank you for having the courage and faith to stand amidst controversy and discrimination in ALL respects and living your life not only in words but in the strength of action. We love you so much Ms Everson and the way in which you live your life is both inspirational and a reminder to us all.

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    • It was really hard but I had a chance to talk to his father about what a remarkable man James was. His father wept and was grateful to hear about his courageous son. Thanks for reading.


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