* Batman was here

My dearest widower hired Batman to advise us on our bats-in-the-attic problem.  Remember this photo?


Brave Batman went over to these critters and discovered that there are 24 pregnant females hanging upside down in our attic nursery!  Yikes!  Who knew?  Brave soul that he is, Batman installed a one way door (OUT only) at the attic vent.  After they go out to hunt at night, these ladies will not be able to get back in our house.  My widower noticed that they all leave at some point during the night, so within a week, we should be bat free.  I don’t know where they live when they’re not hanging out in our house, but the thought of 50+ bats in our attic is daunting.  Creepy.  Yucky.

I do appreciate bats for their amazing ability to sleep upside down and for clearing out hordes of mosquitoes.  I just don’t want hundreds of them in our house.  And all child-bearing females?  Makes me wonder where the guys went.

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