* My new special educator bio

Thanks to Helen Jones, a writer and blogger at Journey to Ambeth, for her inspiration to create a new bio!  She focuses on writing (see her “bio generator below”) but I think I could create a brand-new me as a special educator, too!

(your name) was born (time, place) and grew up in (place, dimension etc)learning to (do something odd). They left (your birthplace) for (a far flung destination) where they (did something amazing). (your name) now lives in (somewhere fabulous and unusual) with their (living companions). When not writing bestselling novels, (your name) likes to (do some sort of unusual and creative hobby).

Katharine Everson was birthed under a desk in a special classroom for Ukrainian circus performers, where she grew up sniffing crayons and nipping the ankles of misbehaving students.  Accidentally boxed in a shipment of chalk to New York, she was immediately hired as a substitute teacher to replace 12 instructors who were last seen running from the school.  She now lives with her dearest widower in North Carolina, hoarding school supplies and sniffing Sharpies.  When not teaching the most adorable kiddos ever, Katharine can be found spending all her family income at school supply stores.

children- in costume 

OK, there’s a bit too much truth in this one!  No, I don’t sniff Sharpies but I do end up with a negative net income.  Hmm, a bio is harder than I thought!  Hopefully, my dearest widower won’t read this.  He’s more concerned about our finances than I am.


9 thoughts on “* My new special educator bio

  1. I’ve just read your ‘new special educator’ bio and have a belly ache from laughing so much thank you for my Saturday laughter 😂

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