* Three Things Thursday

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her celebration of GRATITUDE!  See that spiffy new badge on the lower right?  You can get one, too!  Just visit her site and grab it!

I am thankful for finishing two April blogging challenges this past weekend.  Better late than never.  I didn’t count how many posts I needed for the Color Your World and A to Z Blogging Challenges.  I just kept writing until I was done.  Yea!  Twenty-nine posts later, I relaxed and grinned.  My son told me that my Tweets were a bit tooooo much!  Oh well.

survivor-atoz 2016.jpg

I am thankful that my dearest widower comes back home today.  I always miss him SO MUCH when he’s out of town.  He’s an adorable, sexy guy with the best sense of humor EVER.  We talk a couple of times a day while he’s gone, but it’s not the same as “real life.”  He does important work to improve the lives of abused children and to support the professionals who help those kids.


Finally, I am thankful for awesome music.  Here’s a current favorite of mine.  Jeremy Camp singing, “He Knows.”


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