* X is for Xylophone

Or x-ray.  Or xyst.  Or xylotomy.  Trust me, if you play Scrabble, you need to know about xis.  But as an educator, I feel for the developers of those ubiquitous ABC charts.  X is a killer.  Surely it’s a Z, right?  Since we most commonly read, write, and hear an x at the end of a syllable, some alphabet charts now use words like fox or taxi.

Good news!  If your alphabet chart has xylophone, you can encourage kids to play that virtual instrument online.  Paul Hirsh has created a fantastic site with REAL sounds of alternative instruments (including a fabulous wooden xylophone).  I admit that I am lost in most of his discussions of music and notes, but I also get lost when driving home.  I would recommend his site as a playground for musically interested and challenged kids.  Even I can play the panpipes!  Click here for links to making your own instruments.  Way cool!  Now I’m glad that xylophone made its way into my alphabet chart.


Go to Paul Hirsh’s super site here.




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