* Joint pain?

A creaky friend shared this helpful recipe to ease my own aching joints:  Pour a lot of cheap gin (has juniper berries) over a box of golden raisins.  Rest a lid on that yellow green mixture, shake or stir daily, and wait for the alcohol to evaporate (about a week or so).  Then eat a tablespoon a day.  Works wonders!

yellow green 2.jpg

4 thoughts on “* Joint pain?

  1. WARNING: NOT FOR ALCOHOLICS WITH ARTHRITIS. I found that I was liking it more and more, eating more sugar-filled golden raisins than they were worth. So, back to Mobic, Icy Hot, and other remedies, like Glucosamine….

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  2. One of many arthritis medication remedies I tried. Celebrex. The best. But not for long term. I did enjoy the raisin-gin remedy, however. 🙂

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