* S is for Stress

Or better yet, “Stress Proof Your Life (52 Brilliant Ideas)” by Elisabeth WIlson.   Wilson is a British psychotherapist who’s written a number of self-improvement books.  If her other works are as good as “Stress Proof Your Life,” I should buy them all.

Each brilliant idea chapter follows the same format: a clever and often humorous description of a stressful issue, steps or strategies to try, then three “idea” tips (including a witty quote).  Finally, there’s “How did it go?” followed by Q and A.  I admit to skimming over a few of the brilliant ideas, but that’s the beauty of this book.  You identify your own areas of stress and try her clever ideas.

One of my favorites is Brilliant Idea #30: Zap those piles.  (No, Wilson assures us, not THOSE piles.  Typical British humor, right?)   She has a clever yet simple plan for reducing piles of clutter.  Since I’ve been sick, I am up to my neck in clutter; I will start on #30 tomorrow.  Which is why I am still on Brilliant Idea #4 (below).

My fave Brilliant Idea is #4: Never procrastinate again.  All I can say is that #4 is brilliant.  It was written for me.  Elisabeth Wilson knows me.  I think she has been spying on me.  Perhaps she was watching when I cut the grass with scissors.

Here’s a link to her Amazon author page.  If you run into Elisabeth, will you tell her that I am onto her?


Stress Proof 2.jpg

Order book from Amazon here.

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