* Mayday! Mayday!

What happened to April?  Some wonderful and not-so-wonderful events.  Here are a few of them, thanks to Lizzi’s inspiration.  Her post this weekend is soooooo encouraging (coming to Murica!!) and mysterious!  Check it out!   I’m going to copy her without shame:

M:  Being sick has derailed me completely, especially with my paper work and blogging challenges.  Although I  have been low on energy since then, I am now healthy!  And my dearest widower comes alongside to nudge me to bed at a reasonable time.  Love the light at the end of this tunnel!

A:  Christopher enjoyed a birthday party yesterday once he got over the endless wait for presents.  Sadly, this dear one is struggling in school.  Falling apart struggling.  Too much talk, too few visuals, and no coherent plan.  He told me last night that he HATES changes in schedules.  We will have an IEP meeting and I will try to remember everything I read in “Crucial Conversations.”

Y:  I’ve been a teacher and mentor for a sweet teenager since he was in kindergarten.  How did he get to be an almost-man?   He teaches me all he knows about the NBA and Steph Curry, while I call for help with his algebra!  His life is a bit of a trainwreck right now.  I want to rescue him from his poverty, his relational challenges, and the temptations which nip at his heels.  I trust (and try to trust) that we have been placed together for a perfect reason.  His life is in better hands than mine.

D:  Remember our troubled back yard?   This year the score is Katharine 1, Deer 0!  Wow!  I am rocking that yard!  My babies, the periwinkle ground cover, are coated with deer repellant.  That leads me to…

A:  I just cut the entire back yard with scissors!  Anyone else do that recently?  See, if I use the lawnmower, even on a high setting, it chews up my baby periwinkles. I am now icing my back (and I don’t mean with cake frosting, either).  I may be on Vicodin before the night is over.  I don’t know why the grass looks greener on the other side of sunset.

Y:  My dearest widower is off my crutches, in PT, and doing so much better!   Yeah, he limps a bit, but I’m so happy that he’s no longer in agony.

!:  I hope to finish my April blogging challenges.  I can’t decide which I have enjoyed more, Color Your World with Crayola colors or the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  Probably the photography challenge.  I wanna be Cee when I grow up!

3 thoughts on “* Mayday! Mayday!

  1. I hope your back is all better, and honestly, I think you are the ONLY person who even paid attention to my puzzle lol! Good for you for being SO 100% behind your students and doing all you can for them. You’re a star and I know you must make an enormous difference, being such a source of positivity and encouragement in their lives 🙂

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