* D is for dang

And darn, drat, crud, shoot, rats, and blast.  I don’t typically blab any of those invectives while teaching, but it could happen.  In fact, it did once.  After being doused with at least a pint of brown water from that leaking valve (see post here), I cried out, “DARN!”  The collective gasp of my students sucked all the air from the room.  One bright youngster confronted me.

Student A:  Ooo!  Mrs. Everson said a bad word!

Me:  (Ignoring comment, trying to dry my face)

Student B:  Ooo, a bad word!

Me:  No, that’s not a bad word.

Student A:  You said a bad word!

Me:  I said, ‘Darn,’ which-

Students: (another collective gasp)

My attempts to justify the bad word fell on deaf ears, so I moved on, hoping this episode would not be the topic of everyone’s dinner conversations.  It’s not my fault that I have this guttermouth.  I grew up on “Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang” (apologies to Ross Bagdasarian and his song, The Witch Doctor).


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