* Thanks to Someone

, namely James O’Neil, has been nominated for the Liebster Award.  His blog features interesting memories of the past, all spiced with a wry sense of humor.  Originally from Chicago, he shares traditions, escapades, and his strong opinions.  As someone with equally strong opinions, I appreciate his writing and experiences.  I can tell that he enjoys good cooking, too.  James has nominated me for the Liebster Award, and although I have already gone through that process, being nominated is a terrific way to share blogs I enjoy reading.  It’s lovely to write a blog that someone enjoys!

Here are the Liebster rules:

If nominated for the award, and accept, write a blog post about the award in which you were nominated.  Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog. THANK YOU, JAMES!  Display the award on your blog.  Answer 11 questions asked by the nominator.  Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.  Create 11 new questions for the nominee.  List these rules on your post so others know what is expected (TOMORROW!). 

Here are some of my favorite bloggers, excluding those who are “award free.”  Some of my faves are bloggers who’ve been there, done that.  And my nominees are free to graciously decline the award.

1. One of my favorite special ed blogs is Group by Group.  This blog features a team of specialists who create the coolest theme-based activities and generously share their books.  Want to know if they are successful?  Just look at the kids’ faces.

2.  Faraday’s Candle is a science-based blog written by two sisters, one in middle school and the other an elementary student.  They LOVE science and explore all kinds of interesting topics.  Want to know what those bumps on your tongue really do?  Check them out!

3.  A blogger who features others’ writing AND has hosts his own radio show is David Snape and Friends.  David shares his early struggles with autism, the isolation and academic difficulties, but has certainly found his way.  His blog is a treasure chest of jewels written by others (and sometimes by him).

4.  Staycation Atlanta is written by a sweet lady who shares her explorations of Atlanta, along with photos of THE most adorable dog.  Those eyes!  It’s amazing how much ground Jan covers in her blog.  And yummy food!

5.  Chrissie, of Vamp It Up Manchester, would be SO much fun to spend time with!  She’s a self-described “urban geek,” and her eclectic posts feature food, fashion, organization, and cool STUFF.  She’s is a clever and frugal shopper.  My inspiration.

I will post the questions tomorrow.  This post is already over 400 words.  Yikes!


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