* The New Me! APRIL FOOLS!

I’ve been considering this change for a while and decided to go for it! Forget all this special education stuff. I’m moving into fashion and style. Tips for the under 30 crowd. What do you think of a weekly romantic novella, steamy and shaded gray?

What’s not to love?

11 thoughts on “* The New Me! APRIL FOOLS!

  1. Oh horrors. Youth is so overrated. This little mannequin most likely lacks what we hope all the over 30’s possess~ maturity, wisdom and a love of the Beatles. Think about it, if you opt for this look, you’ll have to start designing a tattoo and start thinking about how those lips would look with a hoop through them. You’ll have to strain the brain to come up with loads of steamy fan fiction. Worst of all, you can only wear black. A most unflattering color.

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