* Moving past Princess Purple Pizazz

purple pizazz

What can I say?  This is not good on so many levels.  But my niece loved the Princess Make-Up app by Bear Hug.   When I removed it, she immediately freaked out because her purple pizazz was missing, so I reluctantly downloaded it again.  With encouragement, she has moved on to Dog Simulator 2015, an app that encourages wild pups to create all manner of havoc.  I prefer spunk to tiaras.  And now she does, too!

4 thoughts on “* Moving past Princess Purple Pizazz

  1. Awe that’s cute. I didn’t have to deal with princesses because I had 3 boys and now a grandson who just turned 3 in January. So it was all about superheros, wrestling, cars, and monster trucks but it worked out okay since I always envied my brother because he had the coolest toys when we were little.

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