* Giving Writing Workshop Back to Our Writers: Choose Your Own Mentor Texts and a Student-Led EdCamp

This incredible writing teacher provides a detailed description of a powerful writing process. Her post can serve as a “mentor text” for teachers in evaluating a writing approach, using student feedback, creating an authentic writing experience, and generating real audiences. Her students learned more than writing. They became investigators, teachers, analyzers, and most of all, active learners. It’s a long post, but well worth your time

Crawling Out of the Classroom

Recently, inspired by Pernille Ripp‘s incredibly inspiring book Passionate Learners, I asked my students to write a reflection on how the learning was going in our classroom. What was working for them and what was not?

One of the things that came up multiple times was that my students let me know that they did not find it helpful when I handed them article after article to look at as mentor texts during writing workshop.  Many of my students said that they knew it was important for us to look at the way that other writer’s write, but that the way we were doing it was just not working. They weren’t engaged. They weren’t learning. They weren’t transferring what they saw into their own writing.

Now here’s the thing. I knew that it was working. I mean, in the sense that I knew that when we looked at…

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