* Three Things Thursday (on Friday)

Somehow, Nerd in the Brain is always on time with her Thursday blogging challenge.  But I figure one day late will work for me….

First things first:  Here’s a photo from Thursday.  Fun celebrating all things green!  Amazing how that paint got everywhere.green hand

Second thing: The periwinkle is not dead!  It looked like the deer had munched our back yard into oblivion but whee!  Now it’s coated with deer repellent, which is also fairly human repellent.  Take a look at those buds!  We’re back in business.

periwinkle 2

The best for last:  The bluebirds have started using their very old house!  We put it up about 15+ years ago and they used it once.  A snake was roaming in the area that year, so the birds fled.  The house looks well worn.  I hope it’s as comfy as an old pair of slippers for the parents and their babes.  And safe.

bird house.JPG

Have a great weekend!



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