* Online teacher resources

Whether you support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or not, and side-stepping the testing bog momentarily, becoming an excellent teacher remains a work in process.  One tool for supporting teacher effectiveness is interaction with and coaching by more experienced educators.  A growing body of online resources is available to provide digital support in powerful strategies, materials, and opportunities for reflection.  One excellent FREE source is Student Achievement Partners, established by lead writers for CCSS.  Achieve The Core has compiled an impressive set of excellent teaching videos on core subjects for grades K-12.


“Video” is truly an anachronistic term but it’s still a common referent to digital recording.. 

These downloadable videos feature actual lessons, usually about an hour in length, accompanied by annotations which describe teachers’ purposes . Each lesson includes downloadable classroom materials, too.  I’ve sampled a variety of their videos for different grade levels/ subjects and consider these lessons good exemplars for teachers who may not have opportunities to observe peers on a regular basis.  I especially value the coaching template which accompanies the lessons.  Here, teachers can evaluate the videos and use similar strategies for their own practice.  Once again, this speaks to the importance of routine recording of one’s lessons.

If you are interested in access to toolkits for selecting teaching materials, professional development modules, and other resources related to CCSS and other standards for preparing college-ready students, Achieve the Core has a multitude of free resources.  You can also follow them @achievethecore.

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