* Three Things Thursday

Nerd in the Brain is a continual source of inspiration for all things nerdy and clever.  Every Thursday she posts these fascinating glimpses into the giggly life of a nerd.  Between her and Lizzi, who gleans gratitude from even the rough patches in life, I should be able to scrape something together, right?  Even if my week has been a bit glum?  Here are my scraps for the week:

Scrap one:  I reinstalled Windows 10!  My previous installation had deleted all my files and ruined almost every app.  Why on earth did I try it again?   Because I hate to be defeated by a computer program?  Yes and no.  Sadly, I can’t control how Windows chooses to update.  Because I adore any new techie thing?  YES!  And Windows 10 now works beautifully.  It’s faster than my previous OS and I have a new persona to aggravate.  Dearest Cortana.  I have yet to determine how she compares to Siri.  Did you know you could once get Siri into a silent snit if you asked her whether she has been born again?

Scrap two: As craft-challenged as I am, I was hesitant to guide a student in creating a Cherokee village.  I figured it would look like Godzilla Meets Wooden Huts.  (No contest there.)  Surprisingly, the village is not half bad.  Yeah, that’s weak.  That’s why we call this a scrap.

Scrap three:  Today is my dearest teaching widow’s birthday!  Just to keep him in shape, he got to move the treadmill so I could reach my rock collection trapped in an out-of-reach closet.  I HAD to get that rock collection because 4th graders study rocks and minerals.  Plus, I LOVE rocks.  Almost as much as tech stuff.  My neck was set into a downward position until I started taking all these fun photos for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge.  But that would be my 4th scrap, so I’d better stop while I’m ahead.

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