* Multiplication.com: More than ever

I’ve reviewed Multiplication.com in the past and successfully used Alan Walker’s unique system with special needs learners, but it’s time for an update.

Multiplication.com has awesome new features which make it even more irresistible.  First, site navigation has been added which highlights its 9 key areas (only 5 in my original post).  These now include: Fact Foundation, Video Lessons, Games, Fact Navigator, Game Navigator, Quiz Navigator, Books for sale (worth getting, folks!), Tests and Quizzes, and Resources.

The updated and expanded quiz section is marvelous.  There are now quizzes on addition, subtraction, and division facts (and multiplication, of course).  What makes these quizzes special?  After completion, you may instantly create a pdf that records date, time, duration of quiz, and score; whether picture cues were used; all responses; a corrected answer sheet; and flash cards on missed items.  The quiz itself allows students to self-correct after completion.  I am not sure how they did this, but each question now pops up in an enlarged box, which reduces distraction and allows students to use a keyboard or touchpad.  Even more encouraging for kids, as each item is completed, it disappears from sight, making the quiz shrink as students complete their responses.  The entire program is mobile friendly, too.

The games section has been enlarged with all sorts of new activities and improved with links to specific skills or types of games (such as required operation, multiplayer, classics, and arcade style games).

Teacher resources are astounding.. Here’s the student management system you get for FREE:

Multiplication 1

If you are not signed up for their blog, you should be!   The blog is searchable by a number of useful topics, including literacy, teachers talk, homeschooling, and much more.

Multiplication.com is a terrific site for improving understanding and fluency of basic operations.  Many of the high-priced sites purchased by some school districts have an enormous amount of wasted time embedded in games and do not address foundational understanding of operations.  This site is a great match for special needs kids and it’s FREE!  

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