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Here’s another thought-provoking and hilarious post by Yadadarcyyada.  Enjoy!

Easter is here again. It means different things to different people. For some, it’s religious. For some, family, and/or the Easter bunny or all. But like so many things, it revolves around fo…

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* Spring break!

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her Three Things Thursday inspiration!  I had a terrific time with 5 kids and a fart gun.   We met a few friendly dogs, terrified a couple of joggers, and acted as silly as possible.


No ducks to feed but we followed the NO SWIMMING rules.

spring break 1

We searched diligently for pyrite and found only one piece.  BUT, we also found slime in the lake, cool sticks, and lots of running room.  Perfect outdoor time for kiddos who can get sucked into electronics for endless hours.  And for me, too!

spring break 4.JPG



* The A-Z adventure begins tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will join about 1700+ bloggers who will post on a topic of interest from A-Z.  My interest is special education, but I’ll try to include other elements so my non-spec ed enthusiasts won’t snooze through the month.  I bombed out on the NaPloMo NoBloPoMo NoNoWatItWas monthly posts, probably because I could never wrap my head around that acronym.  Blogging A-Z is simple.  Um, it is kinda like a triathlon.  Since I cannot run and won’t bike after my last concussion, that means I’ll do swimmingly well, right?

TriLatta and Allison 006.jpg

Can you spot our son?

* He’s no dummy

Three prisoners escaped from Alcatraz on June 11, 1962.  They made dummy heads from soap, cement, and paint, fooling the guards for one night.  After climbing the utility corridor to the roof and sliding down an outside stove pipe, they crept to the shoreline.  As they faced the icy bay waters, the men may have wished they could swim like salmon; apparently they fashioned a raft out of a raincoat.  The men were never seen again, but there were hints that at least two of them made it to South America.


Note the salmon-colored bars.  That was probably their impetus to escape.

* Close but no cigar

“Close but no cigar” seems to have its origins in US fairgrounds from the early 1900s.  Apparently parents were earning cigars as prizes for knocking over a 1000 pound steel-filled bowling pin with a feather, or the like.  The fairground hawkers would cry out, “Close- but no cigar!” to the multitude who wasted their money and effort.  Now it’s kids who get the prizes and it costs much more than a nickel a game.

This Color Your World challenge is supposed to depict red violet, but as they say….

red violet



* Eyeing red

This red picture was created by a student practicing eye gaze control.  The computer painting program, created by Help Kidz Learn, plays different music for each selected color. The clever eye gaze device is Tobii Dynavox.


* Color Your World, a month later


I’m just a bit behind on sharing some favorites from Jennifer Well’s Color Your World blogging challenge.  I’m also behind on blogging, house cleaning, painting, and yard work, too, so it’s nothing personal.  Check out these excellent photos from bloggers who ARE on time!

Feb. 22  Magenta:  few words- uncountable colours has one of my all-time favorite pictures.  What a cutie!

Feb. 23  Mahogany:  This was a tough one for me.  Colour for 2016 has found more than one great photo with this color, including a tasty choice.  Yum!

Feb. 24  Manatee:  Lillie-Put aced this color and included swimming manatees as a bonus.  Terrific photos for a tough color!

Feb. 25  Mango Tango:  For color and more, Now At Home shares some Crayola history, too!  I wonder if this blogger is retired.   You know, now at home??

Feb. 26  Maroon:  Jennifer Wells lets us peek into a maroon bedroom of tiny proportions!  She used a dollhouse for a number of her entries.  It’s so perfect!  I wish I’d had one like this….

Feb. 27  Mauvelous:  I think Backpacker’s Diary is a mauvelous-looking blog!  Makes me want to pack up and go hiking!

Feb. 28  Melon:  Want to know what else you can do with crayons besides color?  At Cultivating Time, you can find some cool ideas for projects, along with melon, of course.

Feb. 29  Midnight Blue:  My photography hero, Cee, shares some BRILLIANT midnight blue photos.  Amazing.  She is so gifted!

Mar. 1  Mountain Meadow:  Light Words transports you to a most gorgeous meadow.  Wow.  I wish my yard looked like that!

Mar. 2  Navy Blue:   The New 3 R’s: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect  has a spectacular photo of what looks like a hot air balloon midflight- or is it about to crash?  The balloon is the skinniest I’ve seen.  What do you think?

Mar. 3  Neon Carrot:  You will be stunned by lifelessons entry (Judy Dykstra-Brown).  I would NEVER have imagined the “blank” this color!  Gorgeous!  (no spoiler here!)

Mar. 4  Olive Green:  A Momma’s View was clever and combined two blogging challenges with one entry.  She wasn’t sure her featured image was the right color, but I’ve seen olives that color (the ones with the red blob in the middle).

Mar. 5  Orange:  If your weather is still frigid, sonofabeach96 will make you jealous.  There’s no questioning what this blogger likes to do!  I have to include Jennifer Wells’ orange posting, too.   Very interesting.

Mar. 6  Orchid:  Marie Mathilda also does a “double take” with her entry, including both the Crayola challenge and Cee’s flower of the day challenge.

Mar. 7  Outer Space:   No contest, it’s Cee again with these three fantastic photos that challenged my brain to notice colors all around me.  I must say that Cee gets around!

Mar. 8  Outrageous Orange:  The Daily Blabber (love those Easter eggs!) has found this riotous color in the garden of my dreams.  A land where there are no deer, I imagine.

Mar. 9  Pacific Blue:  Life Is Great resurrected some memories for me with her “old” photos of San Francisco (hey, 20 years isn’t old, right?).  Terrific views.

Mar. 10  Peach:  GEARIATRI’X’ FOTOGALLERY has a wealth of images to explore.  She and her husband have lived on a boat!  And much more!

Mar. 11  Periwinkle:  Wandering Iris wandered into across the most beautiful door I’ve ever seen!  You know there’s an adventure on the other side!   And then there’s the deep sea adventure…..

Mar. 12  Piggy Pink:  Teleporting Weena doesn’t need to go farther than her back door, but she’s probably in a parallel universe by now!

Mar. 13  Pine Green:  The View Through My Aquamarine Eyes has made my eyes green, too!  How did she grow that??  I’m still struggling with that particular “craft.”  Take a look!

Mar.14  Pink Flamingo:  I was hoping someone would take a photo like this.  Pics by Kaz has the perfect entry!

Mar. 15  Pink Sherbet:  Bet you won’t guess what Mac’s World featured for this color.  If you guessed right, I owe you a prize!  Maybe a deer!

Mar. 16  Plum:  Gwendlyn’s World of Warcraft entry makes me want to play!  Great colors!

Mar. 17  Purple Heart:  What vivid purples! This blogger must have a great camera!  Posted on Let There Be Peace on Earth.

Mar. 18  Purple Mountain’s Majesty:  Indeed, the mountains are gorgeous on Victoria C. Slotto’s blog.  Wish I were there!

Mar. 19  Purple Pizzazz:  At Homemade Naturally, Donna does show off her creative skills with pizzazz!  She’s so gifted!

Mar. 20  Radical Red:  Wow.  This looks like science fiction, but it’s “just” wild nature.  Check out Photography Plus.

Mar. 21  Raw Sienna:  Wandering Iris transports us to the desert for THE perfect raw sienna.

Mar. 22  Razzle Dazzle Rose:  OOH!   I love these photos from Sprawly‘s blog.  The truck is dazzling.  I wonder how many tickets they’ve gotten.

Mar. 23  Razzmatazz:  Lindy Le Coq has some terrific photos but I actually spent more time reading her personal goals and very deliberate approach to living.  Perhaps I need to stop flitting so much!