* Coloring your world, 12 more days at a time

These are some of my favorites from Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge through February 21.  There are SO many talented bloggers to enjoy!  Click on a link to see their photo and stories.

Feb. 11: Granny Smith Apple at Cee’s Photography (Cee is my favorite photographer!)

Feb. 12: Gray at few words- uncountable colors (this photo is soooo peaceful- how did she sneak up on this?)

Feb. 13: Green at Jennifer Nichole Wells, the originator of this photo challenge  (her photos are always top notch/ Warning: resist the mushroom!)

Feb. 14: Hot magenta at Travel With Intent (you’ll love what Debbie saw one night when a naked statue was adorned)

Feb. 15: Inchworm at Lillie-Put (a funny post that brings back memories of naughty kiddos)

Feb. 16: Indigo at The New 3 R’s: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect (I need to follow her mantra!)

Feb. 17: Jazzberry Jam at Color Your World (she did 4 colors in one post- wow!)

Feb. 18: Jungle Green at The Day After (featuring a puzzle within the photo- I still haven’t figured it out)

Feb 19: Laser Lemon at Backpacker’s Diary (another delightful combo of colors from a terrific photographer)

Feb. 20: Lavender at A Place to Wonder (this blogger drew her own picture!)

Feb. 21: Macaroni and Cheese at In the Zone (a combination of photos, writing, and philosophy)

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