* Cee’s Share Your World Challenge

I’m inching my way back to sanity after a hectic week.  It’s such a treat to find time for reading through others’ blogs.  I’d be inching the other way if I read every blog that interests me.  An old (2013) stat says there are 152+ million blogs out there!  Golly!  My blog’s stats suggest that 152+ million folks don’t even know I’m here.  I do have nearly that many spam comments, so does that count?  Back to the business at hand.  Here are my responses to Cee’s weekly questions.  You should try her challenges!  All 152+ million of you.

What chore do I absolutely hate doing?  Hmm, I love any kind of cleaning but discarding teacher stuff is hard for me.  I have stacks of papers and materials which are gathering cobwebs, waiting for me to cull and organize.

What was the last URL I bookmarked?  That would be Zaption so I can access and edit my teaching videos quickly.

Close my eyes. Listen to my body. What part of my body is seeking attention? What is it telling me?  I’m currently taking antibiotics so my digestive system is whining.  I am giving it probiotics but a time out is in order if it doesn’t stop fussing.

Would I rather have a two-bedroom apartment in a big city of my choosing or a mansion in the countryside in the state or country where I currently live?  I guess a mansion, so I’d have more room for my unculled stacks of teacher junk.


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