* On the positive side

Many thanks to Lizzi and her challenge to find 10 silver linings in the myriads of clouds swirling about.  Lizzi’s focus is the aging process.  Ha!  She doesn’t know the half of it.  My sister once shared this tidbit: “Remember that you look younger today than you ever will again.”  Not much solace in that if you live to look young, which is an oxymoron but serves as silver lining #1.

I was remarking to a friend that I can’t use the biometric access for my iPhone because my fingerprints are nonexistent.  “What happened to them?” she asked.  “They’ve been worn away by time and dishwashing.”  “Well, at least you can commit a crime without leaving fingerprints!” she replied.  See?  Silver lining #2.

I continued the conversation by suggesting that all devices should operate with retinal scans.  No more passwords to remember.  Then I thought about my deteriorating retinas.  My friend suggested silver lining #3: “Better to have your thumb cut off than your eye removed!”  Huh?  It took me a moment to catch up to her crime-mobster-thinking.

Lizzi felt old because she caught a glimpse of herself in harsh lighting.  Silver linings #4 and 5 come to mind:  Take off your glasses and stay inside with candle light.  I am gorgeous in a blurry, candlelit setting.

I was reading an article that advised older women to show off their lower arms and keep that wattled neck covered. They insisted no one has old-looking lower arms and wrists.   Are they kidding me?  I do look awesome in ballroom gloves to the elbows (silver lining #6).

My students occasionally stare at my wrinkles, droopy skin, and unfashionable but comfortable attire.  I get them back on track so fast it would make your head spin.  Silver lining #7.

The Glo-Minerals makeup collection costs a small fortune but their silver lining (#8) is some kind of light refraction trick that makes light bounce off wrinkles.  Or perhaps it simply blinds folks who look at me (silver lining #9).

I look vastly different from the 19-year-old who fell in love with a sweet young man who would become my teaching widower.  He says he loves me just the way I am.  And he means it.  SILVER LINING #10!!M and K

17 thoughts on “* On the positive side

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  2. A relative had been wondering for quite some time, how her eye brows were growing in perfect shape, because they’d never done that before, and she mentioned it to me. That’s when we realised she needed to get her eyes checked! 😀

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