* Color my world Puxa gray


This is Puxa gray, with contrasting yellow flecks.  Not only does she sport two colors, Puxa has two distinct personalities as well.  My favorite is the “you-may-touch-my-incredibly-silky-fur-because-I-want-more-food” persona.  Her other persona is disdainful: “you-may-touch-my-silky-paws-for-one-second.”  Fortunately, I am allergic to cats or I would have snatched her away from her (loving) family.  Puxa is featured in a series of stories I’ve written for a dyslexic student.  She manages to one-up her “Boy” in every scenario.  Her name could be Puxa Revenge.  Her Boy insists that Puxa cannot possibly have written these books, but I believe Puxa.  She’s quite convincing.

Teacher note: Books written about a student’s interests are compelling.  The challenge is to structure each one around the specific skill being taught.  Such decodable books are powerful but take time to write.  It helps when you have an excellent ghost writer like Puxa.

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