* Losing My Personal Style and How I Got It Back

What to wear to school? That’s always been a tough one for me because I’ve never “gotten” fashion or understood what works together or what I like. Chrissie’s 10 tips are worth printing out before you go clothes shopping for any occasion. Her photos also help illustrate the “me” and “not me” fashion idea. Love it!

Vamp It Up Manchester

Having personal style is that feeling of instantly knowing which type of items you want to buy because they are just so ‘you’ and knowing what type of outfit you want to put together and more importantly why. Not just because it simply suits the occasion but because you can effortlessly identify with it and to some extent it clearly conveys your personality.

Austin-Powers Yes, even this!

I think a lot of the time when people look in their wardrobe and have “nothing” to wear it’s because they are confused about exactly what message they are trying to convey or what mood they are in. Even if you just put items together that match, your outfit will still have a certain feel to it, it will fit into some kind of style genre even if that genre is just ‘practical and comfortable’ and it will have an effect on how it…

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