* For Me, Dyspraxia is Normal!

Chrissie has nailed it again! Her post is a terrific essay on self-validation. She is not cursed and not broken. Chrissie comments that at least people now acknowledge that dyspraxia is REAL, after a long struggle to be acknowledged and accepted as she is. I especially admire how she appreciates the unique hardwiring of her brain, reminding us that we are all wired differently. Go, Chrissie!

Vamp It Up Manchester

Yet again the family member has automatically tried to dismiss my Dyspraxia as if trying to play down a large spot someone has suddenly acquired. They have done this my entire life – before I was diagnosed but knew something was different about me and now even after.

I set my alarm and actually got ready an entire hour earlier than I needed to because I got confused when trying to calculate when was the best time to visit the bloke, how long the journey would take, how long my getting ready would take and what time that I needed to get up at. After all you work backwards when trying to do these things, which can sometimes very difficult for me. So I lost track of 60 minutes somewhere.

Notice I’m using the words ‘I’ and ‘me’ instead of ‘my brain’ because my brain isn’t some dysfunctioning separate entity. So when…

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