* Snow Days 1/5 Stars, Would Not Recommend 

You GOTTA read this post! Anyone who has “survived” snow days with their kiddos will identify with Simon. Teachers will secretly laugh, until they have to make up all that time on a Saturday….

Simon C. Holland

We’ve lost that loving feeling
Remember that time that our kids went to school? I think it was called 2015 and it was pretty awesome. I admit I was a little bit excited about seeing the pretty snow and having a day off but the truth is, when a snow day overstays its welcome, the harsh reality sets in. This is the part when you see what you are really made of, when the loving family dynamic gets put to the ultimate test. Cabin Fever.

It starts out innocent enough; a board game, an extra snack, a glass of wine or beer a bit earlier in the day than usual, a sarcastic remark to your spouse, a snap at your kid for making a mess. We don’t catch any of the warning signs because we don’t know how long we will be here. Somewhere along the way the sanity rope…

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