* Questions To Ponder On A Sunday…

Steve is another funny and creative guy who must spend every waking moment creating , blogging, making music, doing radio, and more. The two videos on this post are worth seeing. I mean it! Just click play!

Steve McSteveface


Here’s a few questions that I often ask myself and have no answer…

Do aliens actually live inside the planets and they laugh at us humans living on the surface?

What’s bigger – space or the internet?

What’s the difference between a chicken and a hen?

If toast always lands butter side up and a cat always lands on its feet – what would happen if you strapped a slice of toast to a cat’s back?

Where do the missing socks go?

Where do all the extra Tupperware box lids come from?

Do sheep get bored?

Why do I always almost pee my pants when I watch stuff like this…

Why is it only your ears and nose that don’t stop growing?

What exactly is Goofy?

Why is belly button fluff always blue?

Why can I only wink with one eye?

When did monkeys stop turning into humans?

Why do…

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