* Ten Things of Thankful 136 (in small moments)

I was going to mention Lizzi’s post in my own Ten Things of Thankful (TToT), but then you would miss her writing. That would never do! How do I capture her writing? It’s a fluid river of feeling words, of delight in moments spent with others, of family, and of thankfulness. Her writing will wash over you and transform you, creating a healthy desire to treasure each moment in gratitude. And the honesty and joy of it will keep you from being frustrated that you don’t have her exact words or style, because each of us has own own gift. I believe her posts stir up a desire to use our unique gifts, our unique perspectives. I encourage you to try TToT yourself and lift up your words of thankfulness to the One who deserves all of them.


For no other reason than I seem to have had a plethora of them this week, I’m going to offer up small moments of great beauty or poignancy, which I took time to appreciate this week. I think in the grander scheme of things, we’re all so busy rushing around trying to get everything done (I know *I* am, at any rate – I won’t tar everyone with the same brush) we often forget to stop and absorb the moment, finding something within it to give thanks for – making the time to be present.

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