* My first Color Your World

I’m a day behind, but here is my BROWN photo.  Brown is rich, strong.  And this ostrich has a ‘tude.  Yep, those eyes are rolling!   Bonus brown: the leaves on that tree.


12 thoughts on “* My first Color Your World

    • It’s a lovely state with easy access to beaches and mountains. The Triangle area where we live had several well-known universities and lots to do. Sometimes you can forget you’re in the south because it has a more cosmopolitan feel. Where do you live?

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      • Ahh beaches and mountains…and trees! Sounds wonderful. I’m here in west TX (Lubbock) and it is flat, dry, semi-desert. My fan-fiction I write is set in NC around Raleigh. I hope I get it right when I describe the area. … Do you get to the beaches or mountains often? I hear y’all are in for some major winter weather… stay safe! 🙂

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      • I love the desert! Interesting to write about another locale. I’ll have to check out your work! We prefer the beaches but the mountains are spectacular in the fall. I’ve been praying for snow! Yea!


      • haha I’ll trade you some sandstorms and haboobs for some trees and mountains! 😉 It is astonishing how we can talk to people all over the world and learn so much about another’s home area. I’ll wish you a beautiful day, and snow if you like it. We’ve had enough for this year! 🙂

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