* Ten Things of Thankful from Lizzi

This is Lizzi at her best, although she might say her “worst.” When I first read her Ten Things of Thankful (TToT), I was hooked. This particular Sunday, as she looks both behind and forward, you can see why I admire this blogger. Lizzi is a terrific writer and that alone is worth a read. But her heart is so passionate and she writes unflinchingly about all kinds of tough situations, consistently humorous in the midst. Don’t be intimidated by its length (hey, we all like to talk, right?). She’s planning another trip to Murica! I’m still not sure why I thought Murica was in Spain. I mean, she made this fantastic journey to the US last year, marked by a clear map of the ocean and this country,and I STILL thought she was in Spain. I’d encourage fellow bloggers to ignore my geographic tics, read her posts, and sign on for TTof T.


In the beginning – the VERY beginning – the Ten Things of Thankful were used as justification to continue to the next day.

I was in my late teens, coming gradually out of the darkness and misery of bullying and abuse from what felt like all corners (in reality it was only home and school, but that was sufficient). I was mentally and emotionally spent, finding safety in dreams and wishing for death because it seemed preferable (if not easier) to quit than struggle onwards, towards a future which seemed as bleak as the past. 

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