* ET stay home


The real me

I’m loving Cee’s weekly challenges to share my world.  Here are my answers and your challenge is to figure out the question.  Well, that’s too easy.  Why don’t you think of your own answers and blog them?  Hey, start a blog!!

OK, I am not sure if there are extraterrestrials or not.  There’s no limit to what God can create, but I wouldn’t spend my life trying to catch a radio signal.  Or buy the National Enquirer to read more about it.  Sorry, I am skeptical of the alien abduction thing, but I loved Men in Black.  Just saying.

I have lived in so many places that it would be hard for me to count all of them.  My widower and I moved 11 times in 12 years in California alone.  No, we were not running from a collection agency.  We were just a bit antsy about being abducted by aliens, so we kept them guessing.

This one is really fun.  If I had $22,000,000, the first thing I would do is build a listening center for extraterrestrial signals.  Not!  I guess I would look at my dearest widower and beg, “Please don’t ask me to retire from teaching!”

Things I will never do are:

  • Never say “Never!” because that always comes back to bite me.
  • Drink coffee- yuck!  How can something that smells so heavenly taste so yucky?
  • Buy a copy of the National Enquirer (but I will sneak a look while I’m bored and waiting in line at the grocery store).
  • Ride another horse this side of heaven.  Horses try to kill me but I love those bad boys.
  • Rollerblade again.  Rollerblades also try to kill me.  I don’t love them.
  • Hang glide again.  Hang gliders blah blah blah blah blah.  I don’t love them eithe

Thanks, Cee, for your terrific blog!


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