* My Uncle Bill

Thanks, Cee, for this week’s Share Your World challenge.  I’m answering the first question (as a child, who was your favorite relative?) because my Uncle Bill was such a delightful daredevil.

Uncle Bill somehow survived events that would have felled a lesser man.  He rode his motorcycle like a maniac and once took a curve so fast that he plowed headfirst through a brick wall.  He was carted off by ambulance but recovered quickly and returned to the scene of the accident.  As he admired the hole in the wall, a neighbor came out and clucked, “Poor man died there last week.”  Uncle Bill was eventually able to convince her that HE was the poor man, still alive!

One of my favorite stories about Uncle Bill was his cross-Europe trip from England to Germany to visit us.  He rode his motorcycle, of course, and was struggling with hemorrhoids after a long week on his bike. (Sorry about TMI but you need to know this!)  Not speaking a word of German, he goes to the town center of a small village and asks for a doctor.  Someone directed him to an office, where he met with a man who couldn’t understand a word Bill said.  Finally, in desperation, Bill stood up, pulled his pants down, and mooned the “doctor,” who turned out to be the mayor.  After local cops were calmed down, I think my uncle got some medical care.  I’m not entirely sure.

Uncle Bill was a fun-loving man who is probably responsible for my love of practical jokes!

Uncle Bill

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