* The long and short of it

I am taller than my dearest widower.  His mother’s only comment to him after she first met me was, “Isn’t she too tall for you?”  Back in the day, every couple was supposed to follow a proscribed height differential: man taller, woman shorter.  I topped my widower by 3 inches.  Yes, he felt it was only 2 and 3/4 inches but hey, what’s a quarter of an inch?   Over the years, we have both shrunk proportionately and so maintained our relative heights.  Well, I secretly think he has shrunk more than me, but that’s another topic….

I will tell you that it takes a REAL man to ignore such societal flotsam.  A real man does not have to wear lifts in his shoes or tell his wife to wear flats.  A real man is secure enough to know that height is irrelevant, unless your wife has stored everything in the top cabinets.  Or, to surprise him, nailed all the photos at “eye level,” which looks weird to anyone.  A real man still stands on his tippytoes when being photographed, but having a 6’2″ son will do that to you.

caribou 1

At my suggestion, we had a bit of fun with the “reindeer” exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  Love my dearest widower!

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