* When piano class is a battle of wills with teenage students

It’s worth reading the full post on encouraging teenage students to do their best. Great strategies for respectfully improving behavior. I could use some of these for my nephew. It’s much harder to manage kids when you lack an emotional distance.teenager


Students attend piano class without practise, and class time is wasted redoing old work. There’s just so much to fit in, in that weekly piano lesson that teachers often find it difficult to cope.

The teenage student is a particular challenge, because this is often the age when parent support with practise simply does not work, because teenagers want to be independent.

And the piano teacher often ends up lecturing and being very very strict with students, in a futile effort to teach them that practise is compulsory.

I’ve written a guest post on timtopham.com, with some stress free, easy steps piano teachers can take, to get teens to practise.

Here it is : “When piano class is a battle of wills with that teenage boy.”

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