* Once a teacher…

Always a teacher.

What am I gonna do?  Being a teacher is part of my DNA.  We were in the amazing Exploratorium in San Francisco, where there are thousands of hands-on activities to enjoy.  The thing is, some kiddos (and adults) just don’t take turns.  I gave this one youngster plenty of time to explore.  And then more time, as a classmate stared longingly by the side of the exhibit.  He inched closer but she was oblivious.  When she started whacking the exhibit, I’d had enough.  I moved up and said to her, “It’s his turn now.”  She was shocked and he gave me a shy smile.  Only then did I realize that I had crossed a line, but whatever.  She bounded off to whack something else and the other kid got a turn.Exploratorium 1

OK, I did repeat this intervention a few times.  But I did not intervene when a mother was attempting to change her young son’s diaper in the restroom.  I had to bite my tongue as she begged him to allow her to change his poopy mess.  She even tried to negotiate doing it in the car instead of the restroom.  As I walked away, she and her husband were still pleading with this little prince.  Can you imagine this kid as a teenager?   It will take a kindergarten teacher, the front line of our society’s socializers, to get this one in shape.  I will add that there was no indication that the prince was a special needs kid.  He just had special needs parents.


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