* Grammar counts

wing-221526__180First, the back story.  On Christmas day, we were all set to fly across the country when the pilot made a terse announcement about trouble with one engine. Like it wasn’t working. He was concerned that there would be no available mechanic on Christmas day.  TMI.  We were given a chance to deplane but had no sooner gotten off than we were told there were no other flight options.  We headed back to our seats.   After a long delay, the pilot announced, laughing hysterically, that were good to go.  It was just a valve problem.  Haha.  We looked at the rest of the sitting ducks and gave each other encouraging smiles.

Obviously, we survived the flight, despite a tantrum from a young girl seated in front of us.   Her brother was a cutie whose voice sounded exactly like one of the Chipmunks.  Maybe that made the girl go crazy.  Anyway, as the plane started to land, the boy took his life into his hands, climbing over his sister to look out the window.

Brother: I see the wing!  (Happily excited) The wing will fall off!

Sister: No, it will FELL off.

Brother: (Long pause.  Plane lands without losing the wing.)  It didn’t fell off!

Sister: Not yet!

What a relief for all of us.  So glad the engine and wing did not FELL off!

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