* Winning at cards

I’ve posted before that I am overly competitive and a poor loser, especially at card games.  Well, maybe all games. But I have found a way to win at cards.  Holiday cards!  Several years ago, a friend sent me the most delightful digital card.   I found it in my spam box, which is where many of these treasures have gone to rest.

After retrieving that card, I immediately joined Jacquie Lawson’s awesome website.  It was still a couple of years before I abandoned snail mail.  When it became increasingly harder to find teddy bear Christmas cards, I turned back to Jacquie.  I haven’t even sent Jacquie’s cards out faithfully, but I think I’m on a winning roll now.  She does make it very easy.   Once you have entered email addresses, you can select from them for any occasion.  Her card selection is amazing.

Some background on this site: Jacquie Lawson is a British artist who seems to have stumbled into the world of digital greetings.  Many of her cards include Chudleigh and other sweet pets.  The cards often have original music, can be personalized by adding your own message, and well, they are simply delightful.  I now have her widget on my desktop.  Big Ben chimes and reminds me of birthdays and holidays.  All for a VERY low price.  No, I don’t get any commission!  Yes, I wrote this on December 22 at 4:10!

Jacquie lawson widget

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