* Happy happy

Mrs. ClausI ran into Mrs. Claus at WalMart!  She was spreading holiday cheer despite sweating in her sassy knit dress.  She had the most beautiful smile, which made the hordes of last-minute shoppers giddy with joy.  Mrs. Claus and I commiserated over the muggy 75º  weather; had she not been in a hurry to get on the sleigh (you know Santa won’t ask for directions if he gets lost!), I would have told her something terrific.  We had a whopping thunderstorm last night.  

Yes, Virginia, this is good news.  The old farmer’s tale in North Carolina is that if there’s lightning in the winter, and 2 days before Christmas qualifies, we will get snow in about 13 days!  I’ve been testing this adage for about 20 years and we’ve only missed snow or ice ONCE!  Think snow, folks, think snow!  And thanks, Mrs. Claus, for enduring the heat!

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