* The spirit of Luke

Caution: This post may have an adverse effect upon your view of my spiritual well-being.

If you read the previous post on my love of gifts, you’ll see that my integrity is questionable when I promise not to buy gifts.  I love to give them but my dearest widower has a so-so attitude.  How do I get around this conundrum without lying through my teeth?  That’s where my precious dog Luke comes in.  Luke may be in heaven but his generous spirit lives on.

On Christmas morning, everyone gets a surprise from the spirit of Luke.  Luke’s knack for gift giving wasn’t obvious when he roamed our house.  He used to chew up all unattended socks, but now buys the most fashionable sets.  Even though Luke used to pilfer any present with candy (his favorite being malt balls), he nows gives a wide variety of delicious treats.  And despite his previous penchant for attacking Christmas ornaments, the spirit of Luke leaves all decorations in pristine condition.  Most impressive of all, Luke cheerfully gives my dearest widower presents, too.  What a forgiving spirit Luke has!  One year, my dearest widower even suggested giving Luke a gift card for taxidermy, but Luke has not kept a record of wrongs.   Here’s the sweet pup with his sweet brother!Luke images_0001.jpg


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