* Zaption

Zaption is a terrific tool for transforming videos from simple entertainment to more robust instruction.  I recommend the Pro membership, which adds a significant number of features to the site.  Zaption is easy to use and works well with special needs kids.

How does Zaption work?  First, you select a video related to your instructional topic.  Zaption has its own huge gallery, with featured courses in history, science, and government.  You may also select videos by topic, such as language arts or current events.  You may upload your own videos or use those on YouTube.  Second, you make the video your own, for a group or individual, by adding one of 11 elements to the video itself.  These include a text or image slide; a drawing on the video; and one of six student response types, such as written, multiple choice, drawn, or discussion.  Other ways to adapt the video for your needs include trimming, adding replay, and jumping from one point to another.

What else do you get?  Analytics!  Your student responses are recorded by date, accuracy, whether students skipped forward or backwards, how they rated the lesson, and more.  You may download all info as a CSV file.

Give Zaption a try!  Even the basic membership is a great deal!  Follow them on Twitter for updates and super user tips.


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