* La La La

Thanks, Cee, for this Share Your World challenge!  If you haven’t yet taken a look at Cee’s blog, you are missing out on incredible photography and tips.  Seriously, Cee’s tips comprise a terrific course on photography!  (She should charge!)  Here are this week’s responses to her questions.

  • My favorite food to cook is anything with pastry, from empanadas to tarts.  Yum!
  • Yes, I loved swinging as a child.  I would call it an obsession, really.  My goal was to swing over the top of the swing set, something I never achieved.  Which is why I am still alive.
  • What has surprised me about blogging?  How much fun it is!  What great folks I’ve met!  And mostly, how MANY bloggers are out here!  Whoa!  I had no idea!
  • My top five favorite desserts are tiramisu, apple pie, rich chocolate anything, scones, and pecan pie.
  • I am grateful that I’m out of Benadryl La La Land.  I had this rash on my face and neck (and total body itching) that mysteriously came and went last weekend.  Bummer, I missed a special Christmas event because half a child’s dose of Benadryl knocked me out for hours!  Oops, slipped out of gratitude mode.
  • I am looking forward to baking a ton of gingerbread house pieces and watching five kiddos fall into Candy La La Land!  More yum!


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