Hand-held spas

I’ve been WAAAAY too up-close-and-personal with the Pocket Princess (PP) collection of iPhone “spas.”  A young relative, Eva, is obsessed with princesses and make up, so I’ve had ample opportunity to observe five of these PP spa apps.

When you launch the app, the first thing that happens, even after you cough up money for ad-free use, is a flood of age-inappropriate commercials.  Eva has learned how to double click, slide the offending ads into oblivion, and return to a spa.  From babysitters to snowpeople, all the characters need major work on their faces and clothing.  Stay clear of Fashion Dolls First Date, with their Barbie and Ken-like characters in skivvies.  The babysitters can certainly dress the little ones, but that’s all they do besides primp.  Except for babies and princesses, the clothing is risque.  Or worse.

The spas are cute.  Did you know that you can snip eyebrows to remove a flurry of hair?  Or banish pimples with a single touch of something.  I do wish I could try some of their treatments!  Change your eye color or hair color with a simple click?  I WANT those purple eyes.

The Christmas princesses win the prize for Odd Scenarios.   A wall of mud slimes each character as she starts to decorate for Christmas.  No wonder Eva was anxious when I asked if she wanted to help with a nativity scene!

Mud is not the only hazard when decorating.  Bugs, scrapes, and things in the ears (look closely at the image above) must be cleaned up.   Eva demonstrates great perseverance as she scrubs off mud, uses tweezers to remove bugs, and creates enough perfume to cover the stench of a landfill.  Nothing like this when I was her age!

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