* Meltdown Control

In previous posts, I related Christopher’s difficulty managing strong feelings.  He now has a plan and remains in the rehearsal stage.  His plan starts with a brief review of his goals for self-control and maturity. Then he is given the following description of what to do.  I have added spacing between each word to improve his silent reading.

When   your   feelings   get   stronger   than  a   5,   you    will   take   this    book   to   a  quiet   place.      Read   your   plan.    Your   plan   will   help bring   your   feelings    back   to   a  5   or   less.    You   decide   which   of   the   following   activities   will    bring   your    feelings   under    control.    If   you   come   back   before   you   are   at   a level   5   or  less,   you    will    take   your   plan   and   try   again. 

The final 5 pages describe and show possible strategies.  Here’s a sample:

Do 20 jumping jacks.

Jumping jacks

His rehearsal includes knowing the designated quiet place, pretending to be upset, using his plan, and then repeating it as he pretends he’s not ready to rejoin the group.  Christopher was hilarious when we practiced last night.  When we started the rehearsal, I said, “You look like you’re past a level 5.”  With a gleam in his eyes and a jump for emphasis, Christopher answered, “I’m at a 10!”  Great job of roleplaying!


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