* Days of déjà vécu

Or in plain English, “Been There.  Got The Tee Shirt.”  This is my Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) post, inspired by Lizzi who also inspired me to cheat.  Since I usually do cheat, burying my thankful nuggets in the midst of ugly shells (like geodes), I’m highlighting them to make the sparkles easier to find.  Here we go.

Remember Deerland?  The hordes of deer who consider our yard their private buffet?  The hours of MY backbreaking work to plant a groundcover on an inhospitable hill?  Not to mention the cost of each supposedly deer-resistant plant?  Well, the king of the hill made his way past our bird feeder, snacking on my expensive lawn cover as he traveled.  I did not notice a single plant in resistance.  No posters, boycotts, tweets, and #kumbaya.  But what a beauty this king is!  His muscles rippled as he appreciatively ate dessert.  Of course I couldn’t get a decent photo; my dear widower was shushing me so we wouldn’t scare him off.  deer 2

I used to think the front yard was safe from pestilence, but this is what greeted me the other morning.  I was relieved that it wasn’t in preparation for my coffin!  I moved past quickly, just in case.

digging 1

And there was a digging bonus!  The holes were evenly spaced all the way down our yard (and street).  It looks like human ant hills, which excites the entomologist in medigging 2

I had a chance to admire a Montessori school in action this week.  Student-led projects, small class sizes, strong sense of community, hands-on activities.  It reminds me of my earlier days of teaching, before the era of inflexible bureaucracy and the testing quagmire.

To top off the week, we had a wild birthday celebration.  This photo with Darth Vader was taken even before the kiddos got to our house.  This group was ready to par-tay!


Most everybody was camera-shy, but we had a blast.  All six kiddos!  That’s more than 10 TToT!camera shy 5

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