Pinterest-R-Us? Nah!

I do have a Pinterest page but you’ll never find a single craft that I’ve created.  Unless it’s in the horror section.  Here’s a sample of my skill level.  After Halloween, a student and I decided to use a leftover pumpkin for a Thanksgiving craft project.  Not knowing how long the dear pumpkin would last, we worked on it rather quickly.  But that’s no excuse for how it looks.

First I went to Pinterest and tried to memorize some gorgeous turkey crafts.  We started off reasonably OK…

pumpkin 1

but things went south pretty fast. This pumpkin had a paint-resistant finish!  I had scrubbed it shiny clean but the paint would not adhere in one or two coats.  When we added one color to another, all the dried paint peeled off.  So we tried a Sharpie for emphasis, which did indeed emphasize this disaster in the making.  The idea of adding colored feathers was all mine, I admit, so don’t go blaming Pinterest for them.  I knew that glue was not a viable option, so the feathers were “fastened” with painter’s tape, then promptly fell off as the tape ripped through tenuous coats of paint.  I started giggling at that point but my student stoically added feather after feather.  I stopped giggling when I saw his fierce determination.  Or maybe it was just fear.  This turkey certainly scares me!  pumpkin 2

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