* You want to be WHAT?

I wanna be a teacher!  

Today’s National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) asks bloggers to describe their idea of the coolest job ever.  Although I’ve considered other careers (geologist and plastic surgeon were my top two alternatives), teaching has been in my blood forever. School was a place where I felt loved and safe.  I imprinted on the smell of chalk and crayons.  Even though I learned not to tell my teachers about what really happened at home, school provided security and success.  So why special education?  I was always drawn to the kids who struggled at school.  I remember being reprimanded for calling out a word when a student couldn’t read it.  I befriended kids who were socially awkward, even if it meant I was teased, too.  I challenged bullies and stood up for struggling classmates.  I cried when kids were paddled.  How could my loving teacher slap a student across the wrist with a ruler?  School wasn’t a perfect world, but I never felt happier anywhere else.  And I’m still lovin’ it!


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