* Eye gaze charts

I’ve been asked about low tech eye gaze charts.  I’m an experimenter with these, not an expert.  I made the two charts below using clear acrylic sheets and permanent markers. I like clear eye gaze charts so I can watch the student’s eyes as we use the charts.  I can also point to something and get an easy confirmatory response (such as looking at me through the chart).  Black electrical tape around the edges protects my student from sharp edges!

This 12′ by 24′ chart (resting on a white board so the letters are visible) is for word responses that need to be spelled.  My student uses this during the writing process if I haven’t included specific words in the First Author word banks.

eye gaze 1

I use the chart below for most eye gaze interactions.  I provide two to four answer choices (A,B,C, or D) or ask for a simple YES/NO.  I flip the board around, depending upon what kind of answer choice is needed.  I am going to cut another 12′ by 12′ board because this chart is too long and bumps into trays or a desk when I hold it at the student’s eye level.  eye gaze 2

Here’s a link to other types of eye gaze charts: Writing with Alternative Pencils.  If you have experience using eye gaze charts, I love to hear about it!

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