* Share Your World aka Wanna Be Like Cee

Thank you, Cee, for this week’s Share Your World challenge.  Cee always manages to post THE most beautiful photographs.   She’s managed to make crayons look like an art exhibit!  Me whining: I wanna do that!

On to the challenges.  Oh, my, the first question is easy.  Toilet paper should go over the top of the roll, not under.  It’s easier to tear, to control, and I think it looks better, too.

The second question relates to those gorgeous crayons photographed by Cee (go on, click on her link above).  If I were a crayon, I would be one of those Melt and Mold Factory “homemade” crayons by Crayola, a long swirl of colors that I would change, depending upon my mood. No matter my mood, though, I do love the smell of Crayolas!

The third question seemed very easy at first, but if I had to do it for real?  I would choose to get $5000 for shaving my head instead of dyeing my hair bright lime green and not telling anyone the reason.  I could buy a number of sweet Crayola products with $5000.

Bonus question.  I am all about bonuses.  I’m grateful for my health both this week and last.  I remain free from crud.  I was slimed on Saturday evening, but so far so good.  I got my flu shot last week from a newbie who was nervous about how he did.  I told him he was fine.  If he starts fretting, he’ll be much worse.  There was a nurse in the local school district who could inject you with just about NO sensation at all.  No kidding.  Of course she is retired.

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